Rick's Cabaret Entertainers Form A League Of Their Own During NBA Lockout

NEW YORK CITY – (Oct. 27, 2011) – A group of topless dancers from Rick’s Cabaret group of gentlemen’s clubs have formed their own basketball league to try to take up some of the slack as the National Basketball Association negotiations continue. Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ:RICK), is the publicly traded group of 23 upscale gentlemen’s clubs that are popular with pro athletes and their fans.

Dancers from Rick’s Cabaret/New York City will introduce the new Rick’s Basketball Association (the RBA) and their sexy new uniforms at a press conference on Nov. 1st (at 12 noon, EDT, Rick’s Cabaret, 50 West 33rd St., New York City). The league’s teams are being assembled at the company’s Tootsie’s Cabaret in Miami, Club Onyx in Charlotte, Houston, Dallas and Philadelphia, and Rick’s Cabarets and XTC Cabarets in New York, Houston, Dallas, Minneapolis and Indianapolis.

“We have all been disappointed that the NBA season hasn’t gotten underway yet, and a number of players who stop by the club have told us that they’d pay to see us play in our stripper heels, so we decided to form our own league,” said Gianna, a player for a team made up of dancers from the New York City club. “We plan to play as long as the NBA is locked down. We’ll announce all the details and introduce the Rick’s Cabaret/New York City team at our press conference on Tuesday and I guarantee you it will be hot.”

“In designing our team’s outfit we decided less is more,” said Sky, another member of the New York team.

About Rick’s Cabaret: Rick’s Cabaret International, Inc. (NASDAQ: RICK) is home to 23 upscale adult nightclubs serving primarily businessmen and professionals that offer live entertainment, dining and bar operations. Nightclubs in New York City, Miami, Philadelphia, Charlotte, Dallas, Houston, Minneapolis and other cities operate under the names "Rick's Cabaret," "XTC," “Club Onyx” and “Tootsie’s Cabaret”. Sexual contact is not permitted at these locations. Rick’s Cabaret also operates a media division, ED Publications, and owns the adult Internet membership Website couplestouch.com as well as a network of online adult auction sites under the flagship URL naughtybids.com. Rick’s Cabaret common stock is traded on NASDAQ under the symbol RICK. For further information contact [email protected]  or visit www.ricksinvestor.com.

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